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IQF is an instant freezing method whereby each piece of frozen fruit is used for commercial and retail purposes. TMS Foods provides fruits to some of the largest cónumer companies and supermarkets in Europe, Japan and the US. We offer IQF fruits of the best quality with extremely competitive proces.
Manufaceturing factory: TMS's partner has two facetories of more than 10 hectares area in Nghe An and Long An provinces. Weoperate four processing lines, using Italian and German processing technologies.
Quality control process: Alwways respect the managemant and quality control of products. We apply advanced management systems and international standards such as Global Gap, BRC, ISO,.. to striclty and comprehensivelys control all stages from before, during, and after production to ensure the product is alwways safe.

Passion fruit is a sweet and sour fruit, pleasant aroma and is popular for summer use in Vietnam. Frozen passion fruit is a product of TMS to bring delicious fruits to the world but still retain quality.

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